USB Type-C to C cable, USB 2.0

ELKA has a comprehensive USB product line. We supply USB cables with different versions (USB3.1 /3.0 /2.0). Now, reversible USB Type-C is one of our leading products. Our USB 2.0 Type-C product family supports 3A and 5A current rate, and meets the maximum data transfer rate at 480Mbps. Here are nine models for USB 2.0 certified by USB-IF, and support data transfer rate of 480Mbps for lentgh up to 3m. 

.Meets the USB2.0 specification and certified by USB-IF
.Supports data transfter rate of 480Mbps
.Power output up to 3A /15W and 5A /100W
.Supports USB Power Delivery
.Embedded electronically marked chip maximize power delivery and data transfer (required only for 5A/ 100W)

.Fast charge and sync your Type-C devices
.Compatible with Android and iOS

Product Catalogues
Date Certified Length Product Model TID Current Wire Gauge USB Signaling Rate
6/7/2017 0.9m USB20CC00921 220000095 5A/20V/100W 30AWG/20AWG/32AWG 480Mbps
6/7/2017 0.9m USB20CC00921W 230000095 5A/20V/100W 30AWG/20AWG/32AWG 480Mbps
6/7/2017 1.8m USB20CC01822 240000095 5A/20V/100W 30AWG/20AWG/32AWG 480Mbps
6/7/2017 1.8m USB20CC01822W 250000095 5A/20V/100W 30AWG/20AWG/32AWG 480Mbps
3/22/2017 2m USB20CC0204W 210000095 5A/20V/100W 30AWG/20AWG/32AWG 480Mbps
3/17/2017 2m USB20CC0216 210000191 3A/5V/15W 28AWG/20AWG/32AWG 480Mbps
3/17/2017 1m USB20CC0117 220000191 3A/5V/15W 28AWG/20AWG/32AWG 480Mbps
12/20/2016 2m USB20CC0204 200000095 5A/20V/100W 30AWG/20AWG/32AWG 480Mbps
1/3/2017 3m USB20CC0310 200000191 3A/5V/15W 28AWG/20AWG/32AWG 480Mbps