Certified Mini DP to Mini DP Cable, 1.2 RBR
MODEL NO. : MPMPC00112R-500

In the PC world, we provide DisplayPort solutions for customers who demand high quality video displaying performance, both the HBR and the LBR DisplayPort cables are available.

• An active electrical cable use Thunderbolt technology to deliver great responsiveness with data and display transfers at 20 Gbps no sharing of bandwidth between connectors.
• Dual-protocol support (PCI Express and DisplayPort), and compatible with existing DisplayPort devices
• Can be used for daisy-chaining devices
• Low latency with highly accurate time synchronization for professional audio and video applications.
• Based on a switched fabric architecture with dual 
  simplex links
• Provides the connections for short and long distance, and provides for at least 12W of power deliverable to a cable, and the remaining power going to the end device

Connect an mini displayport source (ex: Computer, Laptop) to mini displayport display (ex: HDTV, Monitor, Projector)

Date Certified Cable Length Certificate No. Product Model (P/N) Wire Gauge Total Bandwidth Resolution
10/22/2015 5m 11000060300021B MPMPC00112R-500 30AWG 6.48Gbps 1080P