DP to DP Cable, 1.2 RBR

In the PC world, we provide DisplayPort solutions for customers who demand high quality video displaying performance, both the HBR and the LBR DisplayPort cables are available.

• DisplayPort ATC certified
• Eco-friendly,  RoHS compliance
• Max Resolution support 1080P, 24bpp, 60Hz Refresh, 4:4:4 format
• Support DP 1.0 standard, maximum total bandwidth can reach 6.48 Gbps
• Support length up to 100m max, length custom is available
• Hybrid fiber and copper, much slimmer and lighter
• Low RFI/ EMI profile for sensitive applications

Connect an displayport source (ex: Computer, Laptop) to displayport display (ex: HDTV, Monitor, Projector)

Date Certified Cable Length Certificate No. Product Model (P/N) Wire Gauge Total Bandwidth Resolution
10/20/2015 5m 11000060000011B DPDPC0112R-500 28AWG 6.48Gbps 1080P
10/20/2015 4m 11000060000071B DPDPC0112R-400 28AWG 6.48Gbps 1080P
10/20/2015 3m 11000060100011B DPDPC0112R-300 30AWG 6.48Gbps 1080P
10/20/2015 7.5m 11000060800061 DPDPC0112R-5750 24AWG 6.48Gbps 1080P
10/20/2015 10m 11000060800071 DPDPC0112R-1000 24AWG 6.48Gbps 1080P
10/20/2015 15m 11000060800081 DPDPC0112R-1500 24AWG 6.48Gbps 1080P
10/20/2015 18.8m 11000060800091 DPDPC0112R-1880 24AWG 6.48Gbps 1080P