Premium high speed HDMI cable with Ethernet
MODEL NO. : HDPC001AAP-26-500/28-300/ 30-XXX/ 34-300

ELKA is at a leading position in the HDMI cable manufacturing industry. We develope HDMI cables with various characteristics for customers to use in assorted applications. Especially we have strong know-how in producing the super long and the super thin cables.

.HDMI ATC compliance test certified
.Supports 4K2K/2160P/1080P, High Definition Video (Ultra HD), 3D Capability, Deep Color
.100% metal shield for excellent resistance to the environmental noise and great durability
.18Gbps high-speed rate provides enough bandwidth for the highest quality 4K Ultra HD video & audio
.24K Gold plated contacts to ensure the signal integrity and to provide better corrosion resistance
.Triple-layer shielding of braid over dual-layer aluminum foils for maximum effect on preventing electronic magnetic interference (EMI)
.Oxygen-free copper (OFC) solid conductors for excellent signal transmission
.Durable and fire-retardant jacket with CL2 rated suitable for use in any kind of environment

.4K Blu-Ray
.Audio/ Video
.Game Consoles
.Cable & Satellite

Product Catalogues
Date Certified Cable Length Product Model (P/N) Certified No. Resolution Rate Wire Gauge Signaling Rate
3/11/2015 9ft HDPC001AAP- 30-900 306188 4K2K@60Hz 30AWG 18Gbps
9/5/2016 5ft HDPC001AAP- 30-500 ST16009 4K2K@60Hz 30AWG 18Gbps
9/5/2016 3ft HDPC001AAP- 34-300 ST16011 4K2K@60Hz 34AWG 18Gbps
9/5/2016 1m HDPC001AAP- 30-100 ST16010 4K2K@60Hz 30AWG 18Gbps
13/5/2016 2m HDPC001AAP- 30-200 ST16007 4K2K@60Hz 30AWG 18Gbps
13/5/2016 6ft HDPC001AAP- 30-600 ST16008 4K2K@60Hz 30AWG 18Gbps
23/5/2016 3m HDPC001AAP- 28-300 ST16006 4K2K@60Hz 28AWG 18Gbps
24/5/2016 5m HDPC001AAP- 26-500 ST16005 4K2K@60Hz 26AWG 18Gbps