Premium High Speed HDMI cable with Ethernet
MODEL NO. : HDPC001AAP-26-500/28-300/ 30-XXX/ 34-300

Elka is at leading position in the HDMI cable manufacturing industry. We develope HDMI cables with various characteristics for customers to use in assorted applications. Especially we have strong know-how in producing the super long and the super thin cables. Our cable's categories range from HDMI 2.1 to HDMI 1.X. 

Elka's Premium High Speed HDMI cable complies with the Premium HDMI 1.0 specification and can support video resolutions up to 4K at 60Hz. This cable is the purpose of displaying the higher audio and video quality for home entertainment or commercial applications.

.Premium HDMI 1.0 certified
.Supports video resolutions up to 4K2K@60Hz
.18Gbps high-speed rate provides enough bandwidth for the highest quality 4K Ultra HD video & audio
.Triple-layer shielding of braid over dual-layer aluminum foils for maximum effect on preventing EMI
.Oxygen-free copper (OFC) solid conductors for excellent signal transmission
.Fire-retardant jacket with CL2 certified

.4K Blu-Ray
.Audio/ Video
.Game Console
.Cable & Satellite

Certification Date Cable Length Model # Certificate No. Video Resolutions Wire Gauge Bandwidth
2016.5.9 1m HDPC001AAP- 30-100 ST16010 4K2K@60Hz 30AWG 18Gbps
2016.5.13 2m HDPC001AAP- 30-200 ST16007 4K2K@60Hz 30AWG 18Gbps
2016.5.9 3ft HDPC001AAP- 34-300 ST16011 4K2K@60Hz 34AWG 18Gbps
2016.5.23 3m HDPC001AAP- 28-300 ST16006 4K2K@60Hz 28AWG 18Gbps
2016.5.9 5ft HDPC001AAP- 30-500 ST16009 4K2K@60Hz 30AWG 18Gbps
2016.5.24 5m HDPC001AAP- 26-500 ST16005 4K2K@60Hz 26AWG 18Gbps
2016.5.13 6ft HDPC001AAP- 30-600 ST16008 4K2K@60Hz 30AWG 18Gbps
2015.11.3 9ft HDPC001AAP- 30-900 306188 4K2K@60Hz 30AWG 18Gbps