Active high speed HDMI cable with Ethernet (Locking Type)

ELKA is at a leading position in the HDMI cable manufacturing industry. We develope HDMI cables with various characteristics for customers to use in assorted applications. Especially we have strong know-how in producing the super long and the super thin cables.

.HDMI ATC compliance test certified
.Capable of supporting ultra-high resolution 4K2K@24Hz, 1080p@120 Hz 
.Excellent RF performance
.Eco-friendly, RoHS compliance
.Long cable up to 20M (24awg)
.HDMI active A/P to A/P
.HDMI active A/P to C/P
.HDMI active A/P to D/P
.with HEAC / without HEAC

.Ultra-high speed connectivity for pristine audio and video quality on the latest HD and Next Generation 4K Ultra HD televisions and gaming platforms
.Ultra HD 4K connectivity for Next Generation 4k Players, gaming systems and displays

Cable Length OD Product Model (P/N) Jacket Resolution Rate Wire Gauge
3m 3.9 mm HDLC001AAA-300 Black PVC jacket 4K/2K @ 24 Hz 36AWG