USB Type-C to USB-C cable (SuperSpeed USB)
MODEL NO. : USCC001-313CC/315CC

USB is one of Elka’s main product lines. Elka has a full range of certified USB cables, covering USB-C™, Standard-A, Standard-B and Micro-B. Our USB-C to C cables' categories range from USB 2.0 to USB 3.1 (Gen2). This cable can support data transfer rate up to 5Gbps and is for the purpose of connecting your USB-C devices for data transfer or fast charging. 

.USB-IF Certified
.Compliant with the USB 3.1 specification
.Supports data transfter rate at 5Gbps (SuperSpeed USB)
.Supports a a level of power up to 3A and 5A
.Embedded electronically marked chip maximize power delivery and data transfer

.Mobile phones
.Tablet PCs
.USB-C PD chargers

Certification Date Cable Length Color TID Current Rating Wire Gauge USB Signaling Rate
2018.03.21 2m White 3200000127 3A/5V/15W 30AWG/32AWG/22AWG 5Gbps
2018.02.26 2m Black 3200000127 3A/5V/15W 30AWG/32AWG/22AWG 5Gbps
2016.11.05 1.8m White 3230000037 5A/20V/100W 32AWG/34AWG/21AWG 5Gbps
2016.10.24 2m White 3220000036 3A/5V/15W 30AWG/32AWG/22AWG 5Gbps
2016.08.23 1.8m Black 3200000037 5A/20V/100W 32AWG/34AWG/21AWG 5Gbps
2016.03.02 2m Black 3200000036 3A/5V/15W 30AWG/32AWG/22AWG 5Gbps