Elka is well prepared for COVID-19 !

Dear valued customer,

I hope you are well and managing through the Covid-19 pandemic. As you may know, there have been increasing COVID-19 cases in Taiwan for the past 2 weeks. Our government has lots of measures in place to prevent it from further spreading out. As a reliable supplier to our customers all over the world, we have taken some actions to meet the challenge too. We have adequately planned for supporting our business and our clients. We have arranged for a change to rotational work with 50% of employees working in the office while the other half work remotely from home on an alternating basis. We have implemented more restricted regulations to make sure our office environment will not be contaminated by the virus. Our focus is on maintaining our client services and our employee’s safety at the same time. During this period in Taiwan, ELKA is committed to providing continued support for all the products and services to our customers. Our management team will remain openly engaged with all aspects of our business. Furthermore, our overseas factories in China and in the South East Asia remain in normal operation. We expect that there will be no disruption to our production and deliveries. If you have any concern or question regarding our COVID-19 response, our plans for returning to work, or the level of support we can provide to you and your business, please do not hesitate to ask us. We will answer them in more details. For any urgent issue, you may also contact our management team directly, please find the contact information as below:

Roy Ting  (President) : roy@elka.com.tw                              
Heman Liao (Executive Vice President) : hemanliao@elka.com.tw

Peter Lin (Sales Vice President) : peterlin@elka.com.tw      
Jason Wang (Sales Director) : jason@elka.com.tw

Thank you and stay safe. 

Roy Ting