Elka’s USB-C to USB-C cable is the World’s First cable passing UL9990 certification program

UL's Power Cable Certification Program and UL9990

Nowadays, the power capabilities of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) cables keep growing in order to satisfy the demand for faster charging and powering devices of higher wattage. However, are you aware that there are many poorly constructed charging cables and connectors in the marketplace, which may cause a potential safety risk of overheating and fire to users? In the light of this, UL developed an ICT Power Cable Certification (is called UL9990) in September 2017, to control the materials of cable/connector, electrical design. Under UL9990, cable assemblies are subject to the following sequence of tests: 

-Strain-Relief test 
-Flexing test 
-Normal Temperature test 
-Dielectric Voltage-Withstand test (60V, 8A, 100W) 
-Fault Current test

In addition, the program consists of a comprehensive factory inspection and market surveillance to help ensure ongoing compliance of the cable assemblies.

Elka's USB-C to USB-C Cable is the World's First Cable passing UL9990 Certification Program

According to the research of HIS Market, the number of devices with USB Type-C interface is forecasted to grow more than 70 percent from 2016 to 2021 (Source:https://technology.ihs.com/598651). Elka’s USB-C cable is the first certified twisted-pair cable in the world, and we have twenty models which have been certified by the USB-IF.

In addition to the performance of the cable, charging safety is considered a key requirement for connecting devices. Therefore, Elka actively participated in UL9990 certification program to verify that our products are safe. We are honored to announce that our certified USB2.0 C to C cable with E-Mark (TID#2500,000,095) is the world’s first cable that has passed UL9990 certification.

In the near future, we will roll out other safe charging cables such as the Lightning cables and USB Micro-B cables to support both iPhones and legacy Android phones.