Elka released its renewed active High Speed HDMI™ Cable


Since HDMI L.A. released its HDMI V.2.0 in 2016, Elka has provided two sorts of active High Speed HDMI cables for the professional market. One is available in cable lengths of up to 15m and the other is available in cable lengths of up to 20m with external power. 

To provide a flexible application for A/V installation, Elka developed a new active High Speed HDMI cable. Compared with the previous version, it is thinner and longer. It also can be used with an extra adapter with power as its source consumes more power, such as Apple TV 4K. 

More specially, it was built-up with a retiming chip, which can fine-tune the signal of the output device so as to optimize the image quality. This is the best way to extend 4K experiences for consumers and enterprises.  

There are five models including 7m, 10m, 40ft., 15m, and 20m available now. Each model was tested by the authorized testing lab of HDMI L.A. which verified its transmission performance and interoperability. Each one can reach high performance audio and video output up to 4K2K at 60Hz.


Active High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet (TH005-02)

•   Supports resolutions up to 4K (4096×2160/ 3840×2160) @ 60 Hz
•   Embedded with a retiming chip – Fine-tunes and optimizes image quality 
•   AC Coupling - Makes an input signal level to avoid screen flicker and jitter
•   Wide frequency range: 25MHz-600MHz
•   ESD protection: up to 6KV (HBM)

•   4K HD TVs, Monitors, or Projectors
•   4K video players, gaming systems, and displays
•   Apple TV 4K (an optional adapter with power is needed)

Optional Accessories
Adapter with power (cable length: 0.1m)


Available in Lengths

•   7m (34awg)
•   10m (30awg)
•   40ft. (28awg)
•   15m (26awg)
•   20m (24awg)