The new Lightning Connector (C89, C94) is more secure than the existing one


Unfortunately, a lot of fake or unqualified Lightning connectors were marketed and that resulted in many terrible explosions when people used or charged their mobile phones. In order to solve this problem, Apple announced that Lightning connector (C48A, C48B) will not be available for submitting any product plan after February 2019 and will be replaced with Lightning (C89) connector and Lightning (C94).
The new Lightning connectors (C89, C94) are designed with a high level confidentiality of information. According to MFi certification program, “Apple requests every accessory that integrates a Lightning (C89) or Lightning (C94) connector must pass the following tests on the factory line: over voltage protection test, current limit test, and quiescent current consumption test.” Therefore, this requirement will drive to construct an even more secure Lightning cable with a higher cost than the current one. Also, the market won’t be full of the unauthorized or unqualified Lightning connectors with its cables.
Elka has developed two kinds of Lightning cables with the new Lightning connectors. Both them were submitted for MFi certification test in January 2019. Elka expects to release a Lightning to USB-A cable with C89 connector and a USB-C™ to Lightning cable with C94 connector in April 2019. 
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