Elka has a full range of certified USB cables


Elka, founded in Taiwan in 1974, has been specializing in cable assemblies for 45 years. We are dedicated to producing quality cables and wire harnesses for consumer electronics, aerospace, automotive, medical equipment and automation. Elka is very active and strives to meet the standards in all the respective industries.

In the consumer electronics field, Elka is a leading manufacturer providing I/O solution and mobile solution. USB is one of Elka’s main product lines. Since 2000, Elka has become a member of the USB-IF and gained its first USB-IF certification for its USB 2.0 Standard-A to Standard-B cable in 2001. Elka enlisted as a contributor to the USB 3.0 promoter group and made its USB 3.0/ 3.2 (Gen1, Gen2) cables to be certified by USB-IF. After a long term product development, Elka has a full range of certified USB cables, covering USB-C™, Standard-A, Standard-B and Micro-B.

Since 2015, Elka has joined in the USB-IF Community at Computex to promote USB-C performance in Taipei. Elka was very pleased that USB-C™ continues to grow and has become a mainstream interface. Now there are a number of mobile devices such as Android phones, Android tablets, iMacs, Mac Books, and new iPad Pro (2018), which can connect to other devices over a single USB-C cable to fulfill data transmission, fast charging, and video display. All Apple iPhones still keep a Lightning connector, but Apple announced its new Lightning (C94) connector which is made for Lighting to USB-C cable in August 2018.

Native USB-C cables and also USB-C Alt modes are some of Elka’s leading products. Elka has been co-developing the HDMI over USB-C technology with the HDMI Founders since early 2016, and is the first one to get the HDMI certificate for HDMI mode over USB-C cable in July 2017. This cable is for the purpose of fulfilling the growing adoption of USB-C. Besides, Elka has received MFi certification for its USB-C to Lightning (C94) cable in April 2019.

Elka will be revealing its certified USB-C cables, USB-C to HDMI cable, and USB-C to Lightning (C94) to the USB-Community at Computex on May 28 to June 1, 2019. Our USB products showcase our excellent quality and performance.

USB 4.0 specification was released by USB-IF in April 2019. Now Elka is the USB 4.0 contributor. We will be participating in the development of USB 4.0 specification that will lead to producing these qualify cables.