Elka receives Ultra High Speed HDMI Cables ATC Certification


We are proud to announce that Elka has received ATC certification for our Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable. Though the HDMI 2.1 Specification and Compliance Testing Specification (CTS) were announced in 2018, the release of CTS2.1 for Category 3 Cables has been on-held until August 31, 2020, and right after the release of CTS2.1 for Category 3 Cables Elka submitted the testing samples to Authorized Testing Center (ATC) for certification. This is a long journey for Elka team and our partner ATCs as we have been working together on the development of Category 3 Cables in the past 2 years, and there will be more cable products certified in the coming months. Please contact Elka team to receive more certification info and marketing supports.